Why Should The Modern Day Man Learn About Whisky?

Why should the Modern Day Man learn about Whisky?

Learning about whisky isn’t to sound smart in a conversation or in a group setting. It’s about learning one of the simple pleasures in life and getting familiar with a gentlemen’s treasure. Well known playwright George Bernard Shaw once famously said “Whisky is liquid sunshine.” And he isn’t far from the truth.

Whisky (also spelled Whiskey. I’ll explain the spelling in a later post.) has a deep and meaningful history behind it. There is a whole rebellion surrounding it called the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 due to settlers in western Pennsylvania uprising to protest a liquor tax imposed by the new US government. To these settlers, whiskey was an informal currency, a means of livelihood, and an enlivener of a harsh existence and while the tax was meant to pay for the national debt, it threatened the life of these people. Eventually the rebellion was suppressed by excessive militia force and the tax was imposed.

Today, whisky is a spirit widely consumed throughout the world. According to statista.com in 2014, France, known for its fine wine and cognac, consume the most whisky in the world. Its not surprising either as a fellow Frenchmen, I too am in love with this liquid sunshine.

The whisky trend is rapidly increasing with more cocktails than ever before, more awards and trade shows and more distilleries opening. Some whiskey cocktails are: Old-Fashion, Manhattan, Irish-Whisky Punch, the Witty Comeback, Sazerac, Whisky Sour, Boulevardier, Highball and so on.

Whisky is portrait as a gentlemen’s drink as seen in movies and TV shows such as Anchorman, Lost in Translation, Skyfall, Suits and many more. Knowing a bit about whiskey allows you educate your fellow man about its delight, showcase your cultured self and win the love of your life. Imagine being at a romantic bar where your date asked you for drink recommendations. You can introduce a good old Boulevardier and sound all fancy, wining you the date for the night (obviously I’m exaggerating). But if you find this drink interesting, the different mixes and origins, educating yourself to find out what you like and what you don’t is the best way to prevent someone from giving you a crappy drink. Show some class and try out some whiskeys.

Excited? Interested? Our next blog post, we’ll show you the beginner’s guide to whiskies and how it is made. Just what you need to know to get started.