5 Savory Health Benefits Of Whiskey You’ll Love

Finally, Another Excuse To Drink Whiskey.

Imagine, sitting in your favorite chair, a golden brown whiskey swirling in an old fashioned glass with two perfectly frosted ice cubes, the warmth from the changing of seasons wafting in through the window, the set up for a perfect evening.

But can you imagine this moment to yourself actually contributing to your health in a positive way?

I’m here to tell you the facts behind the mysterious health benefits of whiskey and why you’ll be damn excited to pour yourself a drink after reading through this article.  As a matter of fact, why not pour yourself a glass right now?  Sit back, put your feet up, and relax.

The Basic Nutrition Information

Whiskey is one of the few alcohols that are naturally low in fats, cholesterol, and most of all sodium.  With a low index of carbs, you won’t pack on any sort of gut either..

Whiskey keeps it simple, it’s naturally flavorful with a dynamic that can be altered in the slightest way to bring a whole new palette of flavors.  But in the most basic form, it’s still something that can get you excited for it’s warm flavor.

But not only does this drink stand the test of time with it’s classic notes and composition, it is an alcohol that is rich in antioxidants that can boost many health benefits when drinking responsibly.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with my research that has proven that the most classic and gentlemanly of drinks can give you health benefits that can motivate, focus, and better your lifestyle in a number of ways.  I’ve listed them below for you to read over and hopefully after reading through this article you’ll be able to take something away from this article.  You might even be able to show off some of this knowledge while enjoying drinks with friends.

Educating and bonding over drinks, is there anything better?

1.  Let’s Keep That Weight Off

Look, you shouldn’t have a glass of whiskey instead of heading for a morning jog (unless that’s how you roll, but we sure don’t advise it).  But you can feel a bit of reassurance knowing that many studies have shown that whiskey can actually help you maintain a healthy weight and can even encourage weight loss.

Whiskey will help you stave off appetite and you’ll end up feeling more full when you have a glass of whiskey, which should keep you out of the fridge at midnight. If you like to enjoy a glass of whiskey occasionally, by making sure you maintain a healthy balance of diet and exercise, you’ll have a little bit of extra help from your glass.

2.  Sharpen Your Mind At Any Chance

There have been extensive studies focused on the benefits of whiskey and more specifically how whiskey can help you increase your memory capabilities, keeping your mind fresh and alert.  There have also been ideas surrounding the benefits of how whiskey can affect those who are starting to experience signs of dementia as well.

With a boost to your cognitive behaviors, you’ll decrease your chances of developing diseases such as Alzheimer and general memory loss that can negatively impact your quality of life.

Ellagic acid, which is commonly found in the components of whiskey, posses very powerful memory aids that can help banish free radicals and various toxins within the body.  By getting rid of these unhealthy components we take on from our environment, we can help ourselves live a longer and healthier life.

3.  Minimize Stress That’s Holding You Back

Stress affects us all, it’s a plague that seemingly has no end.  While there’s not one single cure to the weight of stress, it can be alleviated slightly with a glass of whiskey.  Calming your nerves and helping aid in relaxation, sometimes it’s important to give yourself a moment to enjoy a glass in the evening.  Whiskey will help you to take the edge off of that sharp stress that weighs on your shoulders and prevents you from sleeping well or even taking care of yourself.

You deserve a small drink to help cut that stress in half.

4.  Want To Live Forever?

Whiskey contains capabilities we’ve mentioned momentarily above, the increase of longevity.  Because of the antioxidants and high concentration of them within whiskey, you’ll find that your ability to live a long and healthier life is more in reach than ever before.

Not only will whiskey be able to increase your length of life in many cases, it will also help you prevent some signs of aging visibility.  Keeping your skin looking younger and producing a natural glow that really encourages a more confident attitude.

Of course it’s not a fountain of youth, but whiskey can help give you that extra push you might need to move forward in life without any sacrifices you might experience without it.

5.  Say No To The Flu

Back in the day, when doctors recommended a shot of whiskey to cure basically anything and everything, it was actually (somewhat) true, that it could help prevent some sickness.  Whiskey is a natural boost to your immune system, simply because of all the antioxidants that it contains.   It will give you more of a boost than a glass of orange juice.

(Maybe don’t have a shot before work in the morning though!)

Final Thoughts

Yes, I know, the health benefits in this article are wonderful, but it’s not all fun and games.  In all seriousness, these benefits come with a risk as well.  It’s important to keep your drinking to a moderation that’s healthy and balanced.

If you plan on drinking a small amount occasionally, you can benefit from these added bonus health benefits, but you shouldn’t ever go out of your way just to benefit from these positive elements of whiskey drinking.

Be aware of how much alcohol you drink, don’t overdo it and be aware of the way your tolerance will increase the more often you drink, this should never be seen as an excuse to drink more.

With that said, let me know your thoughts, how do you enjoy your whiskey?  I’d love to hear if you’ve ever benefited from these positive impacts!


Here’s to good health, cheers!